As above, so below. As within, so without.  - My Destiny Astrology
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Understanding....       Life Destiny  ~  Personality   ~  Soul Scope   ~   Young Life~ ~Tots to Teens,a practical guide for parents.
See what makes a young person behave & react in the way they do.
This is an amazing chart for any age. (up to 16 pages)

Soul Mates   ~2 people report

 Star Lovers  ~2 people report

 Helps you know when you will be in the right frame of mind to make important decisions.
Identify the best time to take advantage of certain events by knowing in advance when they are most likely to occur. 
Track the ebb and flow of your relationships, your attitudes,
and your life generally 

    1 month ~~~(15 pages?)
    3 months~~~ (29 pages?)
    6 months~~~ (46 pages?)
    12 months~~~ (69 pages?) $30.00

Single question reading...$15.00
Ask about a free......

Natal "Birth" Chart
 Chart wheel and data detailing
Planetary Positions,
House Cusp Positions,
Aspects, Elements and
Modality Emphasis
   (3 pages)
Information required...
The Magic of Three


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My Astrology Charts/Reports~ 
are computerized reports that interprets your birth chart. They have both a visual diagram and in-depth narrative, also basic knowledge of Astrology.

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